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Rattie Tattie Rescue is located in Amelia, OH near Cincinnati. We have been doing rat rescue for over 15 years and have placed over a thousand rats into their loving forever homes in Ohio and several surrounding states. Registered Breeder; Baby rats for sale:) 10 girls 1 boy They are 2 weeks old today and just starting to open their eyes:) First 3 photos is of the females Last photo is the only male:) All the black ones have white bellies and feet (Berkshire) The Agouti(brown) ones also have white bellies and white feet Mother is fed veggies every week along with normal rat food Can be pets or feeders:) Pm ...

Hamster Care Sheet. ... Dumbo Rat Care. 23 Aug August 16, 2017 By Nolan Guthrie. ... Posted in Blog Tagged dumbo rats, pet care, rats Leave a comment. 8945 ip phone datasheets360

rat rats pet rat pet rats dumbo rat fancy rat double rex dumbo rex dumbo rex rat baby rat baby rats ... they take a *little* more care and I just like how furry rats ... Rattus Webus - The biggest site about pet rats in Czech Republic-- and full of great pictures and useful information. In English. Rattypaedia - In celebration of rats as pets! A rat-themed wiki. - This site contains a large care guide, a product review section, a photo contest, lots of desktop pictures to download, and cute rats!

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Quick Rat Guide Checklist! Print this handy Rat Guide Checklist to make shopping a breeze! Allergies? Try Hairless rats or Rex rats! Many choices for bedding. Buy pet rats in same-sex pairs! When you can't be with him, your social rat is happiest with a rat buddy. Sticking with all girls or all boys is easier. Find 164 affordable pet care options in Concord, CA. Search local listings by rates, reviews, experience, and more - all for free. Match made on every 3 minutes, so find your perfect pet care provider today. Morning breaks sheet musicDumbo rats have no specific care requirements. Like other pet rats of the species Rattus norvegicus (which is nearly all of them), they need a large multi-level cage, a generous amount of paper-based substrate and bedding, nest boxes and a food designed to meet their specific nutritional needs. Flash and Gordon the dumbo rats at 3 months old—"These are my newest babies. My rat Diesel passed away after being here for 3 years. I bought Flash then went back the next day and got his childhood friend Gordon. They are so fun to watch as one pulls the blanket into their home one way but the other will be pulling it through the other side. The average size of a rat’s litter is 12 pups. Rats can have litters of up to 20 rat pups, but it’s not common. Rats do not have the ability to vomit. The first rat to become an astronaut traveled into space from France in 1961! Rats are now available in a wide variety of types including hairless, dumbo (with large ears), Siamese and more!

A page of interesting information on pet rats, and links to rat related articles, clubs, rat care products, etc. Welcome to Virginia's Rat Page Pet Rats on the Web Norway rats are especially attracted to pet food, so it is vital to clean up spilled pet food, especially outside, as well as to store pet food in a metal bin. 7. Norway rats live in burrows.

Both dumbos and top-ears can be feeders and both make equally good pets. The story claimed the average life span of a pet rat is 3-5 years. Most rats live 2-3 years with the best home and veterinary care. It is rare for a rat to live past the 3rd birthday (although possible), and almost unheard of to make it to 4. Hungarian dance no 1 sheet music piano

The dwarf rat is more than just a miniature version of the standard sized rat! In the article below, I attempt to provide information about the general care, handling, and breeding of the dwarf rat- for those considering the adoption of this new gem of the rattie world. The image on the left, is a burmese dumbo smooth coat male. Hi, I have 12 beautiful dumbo rats for sale. ONLY 6 BOYS LEFT. 4 girls and 8 boys. All have the greatest little temperament. Mummy and daddy are both pure dumbos and can be seen. They are ready to leave on the 11.10.19 at 6 weeks old. They will come with food, care sheet and small toy.

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• A bored rat is an unhappy rat! Provide PVC tubes for your pets to run through, and ladders and tree branches for climbing. Parrot toys, includ-ing swings and ropes, are great for rats. • Some rats love exercise wheels. Get one with a solid surface without wire rungs, so your pets’ tails cannot get caught while running.